The Key to Success: Grit

In this excellent Ted Talk, Angela Lee Duckworth bluntly relays where we are in the science of education with regard to the single most important factor that determines success and achievement. At this point, all we know for sure is that a growth mindset can play an important role in helping children develop the stick-to-it-iveness they need to reach high levels of achievement. Comments welcome.

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Singapore Math Emphasizes Mastery of Basics

Kerri Gega teaching Singapore math in Scarsdale, N.Y. The district initially spent $145,632 for books and teachers' materials. New York Times.

The New York Times has an interesting article briefly describing the evolution of math education in the United States since the sixties and the latest development – an emulation of the Singapore process which moves more slowly at basic levels in an effort to achieve a stronger fundamental understanding of numbers and basic operations, allowing faster gains at higher levels.

Making Math Lessons Easy as 1, Pause, 2, Pause,…