How To Learn

I just noticed this really fantastic short video on learning at the The Atlantic.


  • Anyone really can learn anything.
  • You must be comfortable with not knowing, with not having answers, with being wrong.
  • Knowing what the rules are and knowing how success is defined means there is no discovery.
  • Be curious: ask questions, build the discipline of curiosity.
  • Sleep encodes memories; practice before sleeping and sleep well.
  • When you believe in yourself, your brain behaves differently; if you believe in yourself, when you make a mistake, your brain “spark and fires” because you know you are learning.
  • Education today force feeds problems; we don’t teach how to ask questions.
  • Any type of creative process usually begins with a good question, one that reframes a problem or challenges a process.
  • Stories help us to understand the world and the people around us while at the same time enhancing¬†our attention spans and developing our imaginations.


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